A & A Water & Fire Damage Restoration Silver Spring MD

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We restore your space after fire and water damage

With 24-hour emergency service, A & A Water & Fire Damage Restoration comes to your home or business and restores rooms or offices to the way they were before your horrible flood or damaging fire. Get FREE ESTIMATES!


We clean your air ducts of the smoky odor that lingers even after rooms are cleaned, and we remove dust and common allergens that impact family health.

We get the smell of smoke out of your duct

You replaced furniture, carpets, and more, but the smell of stale fire smoke still permeates your home or office. Let A & A Water & Fire Damage Restoration vacuum out the duct work that's contributing to your sooty odor, and eliminate dust and pollen, too.

Besides duct work, we handle all your toughest odors

• Pet smells even a cat or dog hoarder accumulates!

• Smoke damage to carpets and furniture

• Damaged oriental rugs

• General deodorization, like cigarette-smoking odor

• Anti-mildew and anti-microbial treatments


Get full-service stain removal or replacement

• Carpets

• Any flooring material

• Upholstery and furniture

Duct cleaning service Duct cleaning Duct service Duct cleaning service